Creative Ways To Spend Youur Honeymoon On A Budget

Honeymoon Couple

Honeymoon Couple

Admittedly, you and boo have gone way above budget on your wedding ceremony.

The wedding guests turned out to be more than originally planned and Aunty Yemi from your mother’s side insisted her age-grade community part with double portions of your wedding souvenirs.

Somehow you dipped into your honeymoon budget and you’re probably freaking out because you’re scared your honeymoon has been ruined.

While your situation should serve as a life lesson on better management of finances, it is not the end of the world honey, (pun intended).

This is because you and boo can still have a romantic honeymoon after all, and more importantly, cheaper.

You may want to try either of these creative honeymoon ideas to get cheaper deals on your romantic getaway:

Take a road trip

If both of you are big adventure enthusiasts, then plan a road trip. Map out locations both of you would love to visit within a fortnight or week and pack accordingly.

Turn on the engine of your car and drive towards an adventurous life.

Volunteer together

For a couple big on volunteering, spending a honeymoon volunteering can be a real win. Volunteering opportunities are limitless and cover a wide range of sectors.

Book a week or two convenient for you and boo to give back through charity. The beauty of a honeymoon spent volunteering, is that while the couple spends time together, they also get to help and impact lives.

Try a retreat

Find a retreat for a hobby or interest you both love and enjoy your honeymoon at such occasions.

Stay home

The idea behind a honeymoon is a time for a newlywed couple to spend time alone together. As silly as it sounds, staying home is a good honeymoon idea.

Disconnect from the internet, pick a home in the rural or quiet district of town and just enjoy each other’s company.

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