Danfo Driver’s Mad Melon dies after battle with illness

Mad Melon, a Nigerian reggae singer and member of the ‘Danfo Driver’ music group, has passed away.

The talented singer, whose real name is Omeofa Oghene, was said to have passed away on Wednesday in a Lagos hospital after battling with an undisclosed illness.

Daddy Showkey, a veteran Nigerian singer, took to Instagram on Thursday to break the tragic news via a clip shared on his page.

“Can somebody tell me that it’s not true that we just lost Mad Melon DANFO Driver. What kind of sad news is this? Oh my God, we just lost somebody, I just heard it just now. I’m not happy at all, I’m not happy. When dem go dey tell people make dem dey hear, make dem dey hear,” he said.


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Can somebody tell me that is not true that we just lost Mad Melon DANFO Driver pls

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Mad Melon was part of the group alongside Mountain Black, a colleague of his, with whom he made his big break following the release of their debut single ‘Danfo Driver’.

The duo had also slugged it out with Tekno, an Afrobeats singer, accusing the 25-year-old singer of infringing on their copyright by sampling their song ‘Kpolongo’ without permission.

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