Nigerian award-winning disc jockey, Dj Cuppy has given reasons to why she abstains from doing money giveaways on social media. 

Most celebrities occasionally take to social media pages to do go giveaways to fans with the intent of helping people out or just to make people happy while some see that as an avenue to pay people to stay loyal to them or just for them relevant in society. Dj Cuppy, however, doesn’t think it’s a great idea to do giveaways online.

The “Gelato” singer took to her Twitter page to reveal why she doesn’t do such on social media. Cuppy explained that her fans have reached out to her concerning money giveaways but she has mixed feelings about it. She further explained that she feels uncomfortable doing so as she feels it’s like paying people to become her fans.

To all my Cupcakes that complain I don’t do Money Giveaways, I hear you… BUT I’ve always felt like that was essentially paying people to be your fans?

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