There are those people who seem to have no problem being their Real self but it’s not because they have a higher IQ, more money, more time or less challenges than you. It’s because they think and act differently. Here are 3 ways Real People Think that you can apply in your life.


Remember when you made a mistake as a kid and your parents/guardian ask you “why did you do that” 90% of the time the answer for that question is “I don’t know”. Not knowing why you do something gives the impression that you’re lacking a purpose which is okay for kids not adults. Fake people don’t know why they do what they do. They do things based on feeling or the circumstance around them, but Real People know why they do what they do. A WHY is having a purpose, a mission, or a need. Your WHY is what motivates you to take action. The WHY of TheRealMeDM is to give people the right content/information on how they to live Real lives which brings more satisfaction. So find your WHY.


Possibility is simply a thing that may happen while impossibility is a thing that may not happen.  Take note of the word MAY in both definitions, which implies that something that some people say is possible might be impossible for others and what others say is impossible might be possible for others. It all depends on who is thinking. Remember “Impossible is a word found in the dictionary of fools” Napoleon Bonaparte.

There are 3 stages of possibility thinking which are;

  1. Nothing is possible.
  2. Something is possible.
  3. Anything is possible.

Real People know that anything can happen that is why they are powered by a BIG WHY, the purpose that prompts them to take action and make certain decisions.


One thing Real people know is No Action leads to Nowhere. Real people take action to validate their why. They don’t think differently and act differently. Their thoughts match their actions. While fake people will tell you this and do that. Action must be taken to be a Real person. Remember what Henri Bergson said “Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought”, so when you’ve got your WHY, you know that anything is possible, then take Action on what you want to be your Reality.

I hope you become a Real Person because you’ll have more satisfaction in life than being fake.

Be The Real You with TheRealMeDM.

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