Attitude is everything text is written by white chalk on blackboard.



  • Sow a Thought, reap an Action.

  • Sow an Action, reap a Habit.

  • Sow a Habit, reap Character.

  • Sow Character, reap Destiny.

ATTITUDE is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something. Which affects the results we get in life whether Success or Failure, Riches or Poverty, Joy or Sorrow. But I know we all want the positive things life can offer, so we have to develop the right attitude. Having the right attitude will ensure that we have the right results always. Here are the 3 basic steps to take when you want to form an attitude.


As you think in your heart so you are. You are what you think about most of the time. If you want to have an attitude of a high performance person you must start to think like a high performing person. But how do you do that, this it how;

  1. By reading books that expose you to the right content about high performance like the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone.
  2. By meeting people you know as high performers and spending time with them.
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If you do these you’ll start to change your thinking, which will prompt the right action for high performance.


After you have exposed yourself to the right content and people for a reasonable number of days you’ll find that some of the attitude belief they have is different from yours. If you have an attitude of saying YES all the time but you want to develop a new attitude of saying NO to what you don’t want, then you have to start acting by saying NO to the little daily things that take your time unnecessarily. The point is to start acting even when you don’t feel like it.


Anyone that tells you that you can develop an attitude in one day just wants to inspire you anyhow. Attitude is not developed in a day, it’s a continuous process, by taking decisions daily, which takes time & effort. Don’t panic when you’re trying to form an attitude and you still find yourself doing the total opposite of it, which is normal. You only have to reinforce, by putting in more effort (mentally & physically) to develop the attitude you want. Remember the No. 3 point in our last week article which is keep asking. You should use same method for developing a new attitude, keep trying, keep pushing and you’ll get it.

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