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Every one of us have what we feel our lives should be, but most times we find it difficult to live our dream life. As you go through life and work toward your dreams, knowing who you are and who you aspire to be will remain the keys to your success. Becoming who you want to be isn’t easy, but what if I told you it is possible to live and achieve your dream life.

Well, if you want to be the real you and achieve your dreams you have to stop doing the things that the person you dream of being won’t do.

These are four ways to be the real person you want to be and achieve your dream life.

1. Know Your Core Values.

VALUES are ideas that you esteem to be of great worth and that give structure to your life. You have to clearly define, and write down your core values. Follow the steps below to discover your core values.

  1. Get nice and relaxed.
  2. Have the proper tools. E.g. Pen & Book or a note pad.
  3. Ask yourself this question: “What’s truly important to me?” Write down whatever comes to you.
  4. Prioritize: Once you have your list reduce it to five core values (take your time when doing this) and prioritize them in order from most important to least important.

2. Accept Who You Are.

You cannot grow if you cannot accept your true self. You have to be honest with yourself and about what you are passionate about and who you really want to be, despite criticism from others. You have to know who you are and accept that you’ve failed if you’re not who you want to be yet and you’re not living your dream life. Accepting your past and failures allows you to see things as they are and gives you the courage to work towards achieving your dream life.

3. Set Your Standards.

Most people settle for less than they deserve and later regret it in life. There are many people out there who will convince you to settle for less. You might have moments when you no longer believe in your dreams because of the choices you’ve made in your past but you have to learn to handle those moments, people and your own self-limiting beliefs. Always move forward even when you don’t feel like it. Always believe in yourself and make the right choices to achieve success.

4.Live Up to Your Expectation.

People’s dreams perish for lack of vision. Have in mind the clear picture of who you want to be, because if you don’t you will not know where or how to aim for it. Keep your vision at the top of your mind as you reach each milestone to motivate you to push forward. Ask yourself questions like what life do I want to live?, what kind of person do I want people to see me as?, and what do I need to do daily to achieve that dream?.

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