How To Chat With A Girl On WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger

A lot of people, especially men, stopped trying to impress a girl in her mailbox because they didn’t know the almost perfect ways to do things while they chatted with her.

Some succeed, in one way or another, in coming into contact with their crush after having conducted various investigations and discoveries; but on chat, on WhatsApp or on Facebook Messenger, they have no chance. They break their hopes of making the girl look less like them, with their inappropriate way of chatting.

And again, there are boys, men, who get stuck talking to a girl. The conversation starts very promising, both sides appreciate everything, but you know, it is the man’s responsibility to keep the thread of the conversation – until the boy turns white and starts writing uncomfortable texts.

Having experienced all this, we have compiled ways to chat with a girl on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In this article, we will reveal more things not to do, because if you are aware of things to do and not to do, you will pay attention to how you do things in your inbox.

If you are one of those who experience the above, this article is for you. The ways to do it well are shown here.

Always there? Let’s continue.

Follow these steps:
You have to take text messages as an act – this is what it is. Sending SMS seems very simple; many think they do it anyway, it matters. When discussing, it is not necessary to focus only on words, emoticons are also used. Most girls like it when you’re using emoticons while chatting. Also note that if you use it badly, it can have a negative effect.

Here are the steps:
Note: these steps also involve DO.
1. Text Your Crush A simple question
The first thing to do is to look for this message, to which every other person can respond freely. There is no one who will not want the response of this new girl who has just started sending messages. Therefore, if you really want to get his answer, you have to give him a valid reason to answer your messages first.

Also, make sure that the subject you choose, when you write your crush on texting, does not seem too personal; make sure it is also relevant. Don’t be afraid, go ahead and ask them what they do. If you’ve already had a conversation, maybe the day before, ask a question about this conversation. Keep this in mind: sending funny but boring messages can keep you from answering.

So clicking on the submit button after typing a polling message is a great approach. Make sure the question is relevant. For you, this might seem like a perfect idea to send him a text message with the “hey” message to start the conversation, what do you think of turning it into something else; you should also know that this way of starting a conversation will eventually become boring. And this does not give you the desired result, most of the time.

If you prefer to engage in a more reasonable conversation with her, you can ask questions like “How are you?”, “Guess who I saw today?” “What are your plans for the weekend?” “What are you doing? And many others. You are 100% sure of the answer if you send these messages.

2. think of you
Write these three words and send it to this girl …
It is clear that you really want to know these three words. Well, it’s “thinking of you”!

Write it down and send it to him. Don’t forget to do it by customizing it: “I think of you”. After receiving this message, they will feel very flattered. In return, they will also think of you. See the wonders, right?

In this way, revive with a smiling face. Using a smiling face makes her feel how much you really think about her.

3. Do not be serious at all.
It can not be called a false statement if you say that this step is the golden rule of texting – that’s the case. Do not skip your mischievous conversation. Make sure you keep your conversation fun, light and fun; In this way, he will remain attached to the cat.

What “makes you playful” is that you feel bored or lonely. Why? Because she knows you can make her smile. Whenever you meet in person, you can make serious speeches.

4. Do not send text messages as a result
Do not follow a message with another message simply because you have not received a response yet. BE PATIENT.

If you do it that way, you end up giving them the impression that you are very desperate. Sending multiple messages in seconds seems very nonsensical, especially when you are doing it to someone who is not already a close friend. So, it is imperative that you practice patient, you could be busy. BE PATIENT. Allow her to comfortably respond to your messages as soon as she finishes with what keeps her busy.

5. Avoid long texts
Make sure your texts do not exceed two sentences. Make sure to keep it indoors. Something more could be strange, because he may not want to read such a long text.

And yet, get rid of single-word answers like, “Yes, of course, OK, etc.” – are the worst answers you can ever send. Devote a lot of effort to developing your answer, you can use a complete sentence.

6. Show that you are fun
It’s very interesting to be funny talking to her. If you can make them laugh, at least they will gradually give you a place of choice in their hearts. Try to be fun, help him – but make sure you do not do it too much.

7. Do not leave your friends’ text for you
Never let your friends direct you to what to write or even a text for you – most of the time, it does not end well. Do you want your crush to have something for you or your friends? It is certain that you would choose him, you want him to crush you for something and not your friend.

That’s why you have to do your homework yourself and do not try to let your friends do it for you. Have you thought about this: “What if your friend broke a joke that would hurt her, instead of making her smile or even laugh?”

Be careful, do not make stupid mistakes, like using yours instead of what you are, use what they are for them or for them. If you have trouble solving them, take grammar. This will help you to suggest the right one.

8. Continue the conversation until it becomes boring
Do not do anything to continue the conversation when you are bored. In other words, do not drag the conversation even though it sounds boring. Make sure that the cat responds to all the messages you have sent, this is what everyone with a crush would do.

You must be very sensitive, check how it responds to your messages, it should tell you if it flows with you or not. If you notice that he answers in one word, call him one day and end the conversation for the night. Do not be sad about it, you may not be in a good mood to answer your words.

9. Don’t wait to react
There are social media platforms that show that someone has read your message – platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. After reading his message, make sure you answer almost immediately.

And also, when you see his message, don’t delay reading and replying. If you answer quickly, it gives you the impression that it is very important. Girls love it when you give it a lot of attention.

If you’re late answering, he’ll think you’re not really interested, he might think you’re not.

Not because you want to answer without wasting a lot of time, you will answer carelessly, take your time to think about an appropriate answer for her. Not responding in seconds, you may be perceived as extremely desperate.

10. Be respectful, control your emotions
Sending SMS is very complicated. Every time you discuss, you can send words, which can be misunderstood because they are just words, no entry is attached.

Pay attention to how you attach emoticons and smileys. Do not always add abbreviations – lol, lmfao, etc. – to your message when you answer.

Also, try to be respectful, respond discreetly and politely.

These steps, on how to chat with a girl on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, outlined above, are steps that can help you be sure of winning the heart of the one you have a crush on.

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