MCM; Burna Boy, The Black Flower With Diamond Pollens.

 If you feel bad, sad or even mad for being Nigerian due to the situations of things in this country, I want to tell you that there’s a reason to be proud of this country.
You must be wondering what that could be right?
Did you forget our music?

Did you forget a certain black guy from Port Harcourt with diamonds on his teeth?
Did you forget the Gorilla that can not be locked in the zoo?
Yea, you guessed right.
Burna Boy!!!
A gift, an inspiration and the reason why black is the most colourful colour.Burna Boy, the dark flowerBurna Boy

On the 2nd of July 1991 in the Garden city of Port Harcourt, this flower bloomed. Only that it wasn’t pink, red or even blue rather a rare black flower with diamond pollen grains. Spreading to every corner of the Earth his awesomeness and making lives feel rich with all that diamond dust.

Burna Boy Crowned The “Graceful King Of Afrobeats” By UK Newspaper, The Guardian.

The much malign star is often criticized by the Nigerian media for his lifestyle and personality but all that criticism just doesn’t get to his head, the focus of a man who has seen the bright future. A man on a mission to bring the ear of a planet to the most unlikely place; Africa.

His music has always been a message for every situation.
An audio guardian angel sounding in your ears. Telling you what best to do in that situation. Soul lifting music, legendary performances and all round entertainment.

The grammy isn’t enough, he’s well rounded maybe he should be given the Balon d’or but he isn’t a player (its obvious, Stefflon Don broke his heart). Maybe man should add the Oscars because his life is such an interesting movie with subtitles in over 500 languages. How high can this man fly? Maybe just maybe, out of this world? That’s why he’s associated with the Spaceship records.

Wizkid set release visuals for "Ginger" featuring Burna Boy Love, Damini and he is our MCM this week.

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