Motivation Monday ; Life’s A Race, You Can Win

Motivation Monday

They say life is a race, how far have you run?
Are you tired already?
Are your legs cramped up from all the running?
Do you feel faint from tiredness?
Are those in other lanes ahead of you?

Take time and answer these questions, look deep within you and just check if you’re stalling.
In this race of life, who starts first doesn’t always win, keep your head high, look at your goal. Keep your feet strong and don’t trip on your feet, you’re all that is needed to win this race, nobody can lap you to victory. You’re on your own, let your mind and your body be in sync.

Motivation Monday


Forget what others are doing, stay in your lane, believe in yourself because if you run to anothers lane, you’ll be disqualified.
When you start feeling tired, don’t look back, your destination be your motivation.

When you get very tired, only then will you know that life’s more like a marathon with runners alongside you. Only that there’s no competition. Whenever you cross the finish line, you win.
There is no gold, silver and bronze limitation, whenever you cross, you win.

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So, why worry too much?
You can fall and stumble.
You can shout but never doubt.
Just keep going
The path to success, keep following.

Success wants you to succeed, so what are you going to do?
Give up because you’re tired?
Its ok to be tired but giving up means giving it all away.

Giving all of the pain and numbness you’ve felt up until now.
Giving up the sleepless nights and the ugly darkness you had to face.
Giving up all the sacrifices you’ve made.
Sowing seeds and giving the farm away.

If you think you can’t succeed, then I just feel you lie, even your heart knows you’re lying.
Your heart believes so much in you, why let it down?
Your tears won’t give you fulfilment neither will they feed you. Why wait to fail so you can feel sorry for yourself and shed tears?

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I’m only saying all these things because I know you and you’re destined to succeed, why focus on excuses?
You too can win!!!

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