Problems Facing Tech Startups In Nigeria

In Nigeria here, dealing with tech based ideas, to some persons, appears like a move which has no hope of being productive, whereas it is one of the most lucrative ventures available.

You may be asking yourself questions such as, is it going to be lucrative to start a tech related brand? is it what I should be doing?

Well, these questions would be answered in this article. I’d disclose problems facing tech startups in Nigeria, and followed by the solutions.
Furthermore, other countries view Nigeria as an incompetent country, a country with people who are not capable of surging innovations; but, little do they know that, there are core factors hindering the innovation(s) stored in the minds of several Nigerians from being converted to its physical equivalent.
In time past, we have recorded quite a number of Nigerians who made an impact internationally using tech. Putting the case study — tech startup — into consideration, if certain things are appropriately considered, our inabilities would be turned to our strength.
More so, the innovation of tech related ideas in Nigeria seems to be cumbersome, because of the government negligence in empowering the people skilled in that direction.
Having said that, I’ll proceed to disclosing to you the problems faced by tech startup in Nigeria

1. Lack Of Sufficient Capital

This factor took the first spot, because we can’t deny that the available of money is all an individual needs to gain a better chance to speedily soar in height. In Nigeria, it’s an herculean task to find financial support for your intention to startup.
You may direct your mind to the bank, thinking since sufficient amount of money can be found there, it’d be easy to access it. But, it doesn’t work that way. Before you can get a loan from the bank, you have to follow a whole lot of procedures; and you can opt out in the process.
Following that, some persons cast their trust on the Federal Government — the Federal Government has little or no support for tech startups as well as young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.
Whenever they announce an avenue for tech startups to get funds, it’s always restricted by quite a lot of processes just to obtain access to it.

2. Skills & Knowledge

Today — the 21st century, which we live in — almost every activity we indulge in has a bit of tech; a few are completely controlled by tech. Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep yourself abreast with the updates about tech and its related entities. If you are really interested in being conversant with tech, you have to nurture up the vigor to learn whatever tech entails.

3. Being Self-centered

When I say one is Self-centered, what do I mean? Don’t worry, I’ll answer that. Now, one is tagged as being Self-centered when one is obsessed only about the activities of one’s self. It can also be define as the “I can do it alone” mentality. Until you get rid of such mentality, you might not move forward.
To further emphasize, you can’t compare what a team will achieve with their individual ideas coming together, to what one person will achieve doing it alone.

4. Media

In quest for quality broadcast of programs here in Nigeria, the Media agencies go as far as employing the services of foreign experts instead of doing more of patronizing the tech startups and young Entrepreneurs by showcasing their works, and making use of their expertise.
By so doing, many startups and Entrepreneurs would be encouraged to push further.

5.  Marketing

Marketing and Tech go hand-in-hand when it comes to helping businesses achieve success — startups, too. It’s important for startups to provide the appropriate marketing strategies to publicize their brands. Meeting the expectation of Nigeria’s population should be your utmost pursuit — as a startup.


1. Government Support

The Government should look towards the direction of the tech startups and young Entrepreneurs, and assist them by creating a suitable environment where they can harness their abilities. Not exempting financial support.

2. Mass Media

Though the media fail in making use of the expertise of the tech startups and young Entrepreneurs, they can still play a vital role in creating an avenue for the tech startups and young Entrepreneurs to sell their brands. The mass media has a massive role to play.

3. Creativity

As we know, creativity is what most persons lack, it’s the ability to improvise, it’s the ability to use available resources to make out something incredible. As a tech startup, don’t rush through things, always get things done with at least a touch of creativity. You are called an Entrepreneur, because one of your biggest role is finding solution to different problems, and without creativity how do you do that?

4. Brainstorming

This is one technique every tech startup need as he pursue goals. It’s perfect doing the act of brainstorming with a team. This way, other ideas come to everyone’s mind, and if the necessary work is exerted, it no doubt would come into fruition.