Ramsey Nouah; The Man, The Legend, The Myth.

Ramsey Nouah is our MCM for this week. Words can not describe this man. He could be a course in the university with a 500 page textbook because there is so much about this legend.

Handsome, even at 51 he could he can still melt ladies heart with all that glow and charm. He can still murder roles as a man in his 20’s. Face you can never get tired of looking at, personality you can never predict from looking at the screens.

His acting is second to non, he can play any role comfortably. He has no strengths nor weaknesses, all he has is just one of the greatest acting skill you can ever find anywhere.

If you were looking for a body guard for your BLOOD SISTERS, he is the man. Protecting the Nigerian movie industry from getting hit from the attack of losing value.
He has been active since the 1990s starting his career in 1993 and never looking back afterwards.

We at 234hypes.com celebrate the man, the myth and the legend, Ramsey Nouah.

Ramsey Nouah our MCM
Ramsey Nouah