Seven Travel Essentials For Your Next Road Trip

Ah, road trips, the feel of the vehicle on the move; trees, humans, animals, and buildings swishing by. The holidays are around the corner and the roads will be filled with people ‘road-tripping’ to various destinations.

As important as it is to pack for a trip, it is more important to pack the right items. This involves packing smartly. Smart packing denotes that only the necessary items are prioritized over unnecessary items when packing.

To ensure that you’re packing smartly, ask yourself this question: ‘Do I really need this item?’ and ‘What purpose does this item serve exclusively?’. These questions help streamline items into two categories; need vs want. For instance, packing a pack of body wipes is a need as opposed to a bottle of alcohol which is a want.

Some of the most important items to include for your next road trip include:

  • Mini-containers and carry-on bags

When packing for your next road trip, it is important to pack as lightly as possible in order for every item to fit into your luggage. A smart way to ensure you pack lightly is to make use of small-sized containers.

Toothbrushes, makeup products, body lotion, shower gel, hair care products, and pills, are items that can be packed into these smart mini-containers.

Label each container if you’re concerned about mixing up items.

  • Durable luggage

To ensure an enjoyable trip, it is important to invest in a luggage of good quality. Of course, go for the kind of luggage that reflects your personality.

Whether it’s a duffle bag, travel backpack, rolling luggage, wheeled backpack, wheeled duffels, and carry-on bags, make sure to invest in one with authentic quality.

  • First-Aid kit

Because no one knows the kind of accidents that might occur during a trip, it’s best to have a first-aid kit handy.

Double-check that the most important items such as pain-relief drugs, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, elastic bandage, and an up-to-date manual are available in the kit.

Replace important items should any of these need be. Additionally, include allergy drugs of everyone taking the road trip in the kit.

  • Water container

During the trip, you’re going to be driving through urban areas where their sources of water might not be trusted. Make sure to pack in water containers sufficient for everyone in the vehicle throughout the time of the trip.

If the passengers have concerns sharing from the same container, make sure each one of them get a separate container (possibly labelled with their names).

Stores like Mini-So, and Shoprite sell assorted sizes and shapes of water containers which will most likely fit each passenger’s taste.

Additionally, local markets such as Balogun, and Yaba Market have a larger range of water containers, and flasks to choose from.

  • Power banks and car chargers

The battery life of your electronic gadgets will most likely die off during the trip. To ensure being able to charge them, invest in a car charger.

However, if car chargers aren’t your thing, invest in a high quality, high voltage power bank. Remember to pack in your USB cords alongside power banks too.

  • Travel pillow and blanket

It’s normal to feel sleepy during road trips and packing a travel pillow is a best bet at getting some decent rest without breaking your neck.

Also, if the weather is chilly, having a blanket is a great way to stay warm.

  • Carry-on bag with essentials

To pack in everything you’d need from wipes, toilet paper, lip balm, sunscreen, hand cream, chewing gum, face towels, mints, and sunglasses, invest in a carry-on bag of strong quality.

Look out for carry-on bag designs with numerous pockets in order to compartmentalize every item.

Other essentials to take along include; Vehicle spare parts in case the vehicle breaks down, loose change and cash to purchase fruits and snacks, portable Mi-Fi to stay connected to the internet even in most remote areas, flip flops for when your feet are killing, and snacks.