Throwback Thursday; African Queen by 2 Baba

I still can’t believe this evergreen legendary Afropop song was released as far back as 2004. This just has to be one of the biggest songs out of Africa and it definitely paved the way for many other aspiring African musicians.

Imagine having an African song in a Hollywood movie. African Queen was a soundtrack for American movie, “Phat girlz” and it was such a hit. Phat Girlz is a 2006 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Nnegest Likké and starring Mo’Nique, as well as Kendra C. JohnsonJimmy Jean-LouisGodfrey, and Joyful Drake.

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2 baba has been a legendary figure in the Nigerian music industry, making hits more than he makes babies. This man has the grace of being really fruitful. His presence alone on a track can just make it a hit.


Watch the music video below👇👇

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