Our WCW, Luchy Donalds

Woman Crush Wednesday; Luchy Donalds the African Beauty

People will always say black is beautiful and if you have ever doubted that saying, then the only explanation is you have never seen Luchy Donalds on screen.

Born on the 28 of May, this super beautiful lady was born to be a star. Dark, thick, beautiful with that glow that will surely enter your eyes. She has been all over the place after appearing on the scenes. This is not a coincidence as she is just what cameras and television sets were actually designed to capture and view.

If you have probably never heard of her or seen her, there is one thing I know you will be doing after reading this, (you’ll probably be all over her movies and pictures).

Luchy Donalds is impossible to forget, great to remember like she makes another screen and acts the lead role in your mind. For being so amazing, we at 234hypes.com are saying “Luchy, you are amazing and you are our #WCW this week